Kelly's Story

I met one of my my most special friends when she began to babysit for me about 28 years ago. She and her family are originally from Uganda and they arrived to work in a church in Manitoba. (Her husband was an Anglican minister)

She went above and beyond to care for my son and later my daughter. She quickly became family as did the rest of her family. Eventually they had to return but it was decided it would be best for the children to remain in Canada to continue their education. My family provided a place for two of their children and two other families provided homes for two other children. The oldest was in university. To this day the two I had are like my own children and we remain family. My babysitter is one of my better friends and seems more like a sister. In giving a loving home to her children, I received the greatest gift money cannot buy - a true friend who is like my sister.

On a side note the parents returned to Canada and are now Canadian citizens. My gift in return is a family of great friends that will last a lifetime. True gifts you cannot buy!