Michael's Story

When I was 9 years-old, there was a digital robot watch that I really wanted. It was expensive, especially for my parents in the Philippines who would rather buy us children clothes or shoes with any extra money they had. I knew it was impossible for them to buy me the watch, so I decided to sell junk food in my school just to try and save up enough money to buy it myself. When I spent the weekend visiting my grand-parents and my grand-mother's sister (whom I also considered a grandmother), she saw me counting coins and asked what I was planning on doing with the money. I told her about the watch and how much I wanted it, and as we were about to leave at the end of the weekend, my grand-mother’s sister surprise me with the watch. It was grey and I was so happy! When I got home, I showed my mother, and she told me that her aunt went to a pawnshop that weekend to sell her ring so that she could buy me the watch. I felt so bad, but I knew how much she loved me, and I planned to continue to save all the money I could so that I could help her buy her ring back. Unfortunately, she passed away a week-and-a-half later. I will never, ever forget her and the watch she selflessly gave me.