Sunny's Story

My grandparents and parents have been saving 24k gold beads since my mom got pregnant. Ten months later, they had saved enough to make 24k gold baby locks for me when I was born. And they present this gift to me and welcome me to the world and the family. The gold baby lock symbolizes protection and a way to ward off evil spirits, along with the engraving of "longevity and hope for a prosperous and healthy life." This 24k gold and incredibly soft necklace have been with me no matter where I go; I brought it with me when I moved to Canada 10 years ago. I admitted that I had many times wanted to melt down the gold and make a more modern piece out of this, but I still had a hard time doing that, considering that was the necklace they had been saving up for all those months and had all the loves from every family members.