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Finding that unique, one-of-a-kind statement piece is simple when you choose estate jewellery from IJL. We search through hundreds of estate sales, and single-buyer transactions to build a custom estate jewellery selection. Many of our pieces are heirlooms, rich in history and created using older, historic techniques. Some of these pieces are custom made using older materials and stone cuts that are rare today.

Other items in our estate jewellery collection are bespoke pieces, custom-crafted for an individual and not available through mass production. Estate jewellery is a lovely alternative to traditional bracelets, rings, brooches, and earrings. Adding one of these pieces to your jewellery collection gives you something different. We look for items that are well-made, uniquely designed, and intended to be true statement pieces.

We also find stones that are cut differently than the trends of today. Certain styles that were popular decades ago stand out among the "big box" store items available today. We offer men's and women's pieces, including rings, wedding sets, necklaces, and pins. We've been family-owned and -operated for over 80 years, and this experience has helped hone our ability to scout well-made, lovely pieces.

Estate jewellery is also environmentally friendly. You can purchase a beautiful piece without making an impact on the earth through mining or production. Plus, you know that the item you love has also been loved by another, giving you a connection to the past through your jewellery.

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