Lightbox Jewelry 10KW Blue Moon Earrings 1ctw Blue

SKU: 210000005554



Looking to add a little glitz and glamour to your personal style? Well, look no further than these dazzling, blue diamond, crescent moon stud earrings from our new Lightbox Jewelry collection! Lightbox Jewelry uses show-stopping pink, blue and white lab-grown diamonds in their fresh, light and elegant jewelry designs providing a thoroughly modern take on classic styles.

These beautiful stud earrings feature two, vibrant blue, lab-grown, round, brilliant cut diamonds, each with its own unique 10k white gold and diamond ‘crescent moon’ adornments. Delicate, youthful and vibrant, this look is perfect for any style or occasion!


Colour: All lab-grown diamonds from Lightbox Jewelry are near colourless. This is defined as being between G and J for natural diamonds. These lab-grown diamonds are available in white, pink, or blue.

Clarity: Every Lightbox lab-grown diamond will have no visible inclusions. This is defined as having a clarity grade of VS or higher for natural diamonds.

Cut: Lightbox Jewelry cuts their lab-grown diamonds to a Very Good standard, which ensures a beautiful sparkle that will catch the eye.

Carat: Lightbox Jewelry prices their lab-grown diamonds at $800USD/carat, regardless of the clarity, cut, or colour. This price does not include the setting. Since this pricing is in US dollars, Canadian pricing is subject to change based on the currency exchange.

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that were grown by scientists in a lab. They share the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds and are optically identical. The biggest differences between natural and lab-created diamonds are how they’re made, and how rare they are.

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