Lightbox Jewelry Finest 18KW 1ct Pendant

SKU: 210000008851

$2,900.00 CAD


Lightbox Finest lab-grown diamonds uses new technology that fuses their stones with a secondary refinement, emerging VVS* clarity, and colourless D, E, F.

Each stone is then cut for exceptional brilliance, to the highest industry standard of excellence, then meticulously set into an 18k gold setting.

*Although the intrinsic clarity classification of the stone is VVS, some graders may include the quality inscription in their assessment, which could result in a different grade.

* Variance allowance 0.05ct +/-

Finest Quality

Lightbox Finest lab grown diamonds are all colourless (D, E, F in the standard diamond grading terminology) and VVS in clarity. Each diamond is cut to an Excellent quality grade.

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that were grown by scientists in a lab. They share the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds and are optically identical. The biggest differences between natural and lab-created diamonds are how they’re made, and how rare they are.

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