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Lightbox Jewelry Is Changing The Lab Grown Diamond Industry

Lightbox Jewelry Is Changing The Lab Grown Diamond Industry

Diamonds have captured the hearts, minds, and stylish spirit of jewellery lovers across the globe and throughout history. These treasured gems are gorgeous faceted stones that have become the symbol of lifetime commitment when presented as the focal point of an engagement ring. A fresh, new twist on this classic stone is taking the jewellery world by storm: lab-grown diamonds.

These brilliant, sparkling jewels are being used in everything from modern "solitaire" style earring studs to "right hand rings" worn to celebrate life milestones like graduation and promotions. Affordable and lovely, they're the perfect choice for adding a fashionable touch to everyday outfits.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

To the human eye, lab grown diamonds are visually indistinguishable from natural mined gem-quality diamonds - the same sparkle, depth, and even colour (or lack thereof) shine through at every angle. While optically and chemically similar to mined diamonds, lab created diamonds offer a lot of unique benefits, both in their presentation and their price point, that discerning jewellery lovers find extremely appealing.

A Palette Of Colours

While white diamonds are undeniably popular, natural coloured diamonds are also highly sought-after, owing in large part to their rarity. The more brilliantly coloured diamonds - pinks, blues, and so on - are even more rare than white diamonds, and are extremely hard to find. Lab-created diamonds, however, aren't restricted by geologic luck; with a few skillful additions and techniques, a lab can transform one of their created diamonds into a brilliant coloured diamond with ease. This means that these typically rare natural stones are accessible - in virtually any size, cut, or color - as lab grown to clients, with an appealing consistency in their appearance.

These colourful options are very popular with jewellery fans that like to show off their diamonds every day, rather than just on special occasions. The bright, cheerful hues match well with modern accessories, blending in beautifully to add a hint of starry elegance to the hand, wrist, neck, or ear. Coloured lab-created diamond jewellery is also popular with younger wearers, and makes an excellent gift for a special "sweet 16" present.

Your Jewellery, Perfected

Each lab-created diamond has science to thank for it's beauty and flawlessness - special proprietary techniques create sparkling gems on demand. This process ensures that every piece of created diamond jewellery, whether given as a gift or bought as a personal indulgence, will be one you - or your recipient - will treasure for years to come.

Like every precious jewel, each faceted lab-created stone catches the light and invites the eye to admire the depth and artistry within. Classic cuts - brilliant, round, marquise, emerald, square - are all available in created diamonds, which means you'll never have to compromise when hunting for the perfect piece.

A Large Collection

Once they've gotten to experience the incredible sparkle and brilliance of lab-created diamonds, wearers inevitably want to expand their collections of this precious gem. For enthusiasts of lab created diamond jewellery, it's a pleasantly affordable hobby. With options like Lightbox Jewelry, diamonds are available at $800 USD a carat; allowing the diamond enthusiast to collect a full set of sparkling gems - earrings, necklace, ring, and more - for an extremely reasonable cost.

Additionally, because each and every lab created diamond is created the same, each piece will match the others perfectly, even if they're purchased years apart. The precision crafting process produces gemstones in any size, cut, or color, making it fun and rewarding to assemble a matching set of lab-grown diamonds - earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.

Lab created diamond jewellery is not only gorgeous and affordable, thanks in large part to Lightbox Jewelry; it's also the gem of choice for many buyers, particularly those that want a full set of these iconic gemstones. In fact, with brilliant options like Lightbox Jewelry, you don't need to limit your diamond collection, your sense of style, or your imagination.

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