The Process

The custom design process can be a very fun experience. Imagine thinking of something, and with the help of a number of people along the way, bringing it to life. This is one of the best parts of our jobs and our clients love the creations that we come up with.

When it comes to custom design, all you need is an idea. From there we turn it into the piece that you have literally been dreaming of. But it doesn't have to be from scratch. We often help clients use old gold or previously loved pieces of jewellery and refurbish them into something new. We can use jewellery that is no longer being worn and either give you a credit towards your custom designed item, or alternatively, actually use the materials in the making of the new piece.

The options are truly endless.

The Sketch

Most custom designed pieces will start with a sketch. At this point, anything goes! As you talk with our designer they will take your ideas and bring them to life.


Once the sketch has been completed and the client is satisfied with the look, we send the sketch out for CAD renderings. Once these renderings come back we bring the client in to take a look at the CAD drawings as well as the the renderings that show the finished look.

Digital Rendering

At this point we show the client the 3D rendering's of their new custom designed piece. Rarely are changes requested at this point, however, if any changes need to be made this would be the last opportunity to make them.

Completed Piece

A sketch and a rendering are helpful tools to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want, but there is nothing quite like seeing the end result live. The completed piece truly shows what the sketches and renderings are lacking.

Start to Finish

From start to finish, the process of custom design takes time. You need to ensure you have patience and a good imagination, as well, you need to know what you want! There are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to custom design so the ability to make decisions will be an important factor.

The journey is fun, but can also be overwhelming. We prefer fun, so our designer will walk you through all the different options and we will make the perfect piece that meets all your expectations.

At IJL we are proud to have completed some amazing pieces of custom jewellery. Each piece is unique to the individual making it, but every piece is beautiful. The process usually includes sitting down with our designer and figuring out what you want to create. The designer would then come up with a sketch and once that is approved, a CAD rendering would be created. After one more approval on the rendering, the final piece is made.

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