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The competition could happen any day now.

TUDOR Anticipates Big Wave Competition

The eagerly awaited big wave season is now in full swing, with the World Surf League officially announcing the commencement of the Tudor Nazaré Big Wave Challenge in Nazaré, Portugal. Simultaneously, the waiting period for another esteemed global big wave contest, the Tudor Jaws Big Wave Challenge on Maui, Hawaii, has also kicked off.

During this waiting period, the World Surf League will meticulously assess various factors such as wave size, tide patterns, wind direction, and fog levels to determine the optimal conditions for launching the competitions. Should the conditions align favorably for an extended period during the "yellow" phase, typically lasting 72 hours, the WSL will upgrade the status to "green," signaling the start of the action-packed events. Surfers, media personnel, sponsors, and spectators alike will then have a 24-hour window to make their way to the competition venue.

Notably, Nic Von Rupp, a revered Portuguese local and legendary big wave surfer, and proud TUDOR Ambassador, will grace both events with his presence, sporting his dependable TUDOR Pelagos timepiece on his wrist.

As the excitement builds and anticipation mounts, surf enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await the thrilling displays of skill and bravery that these prestigious competitions promise to deliver. Stay tuned for updates and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled spectacle unlike any other!

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