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Rylsee: From Renowned Swiss Street Artist to Integral Member of the TUDOR Family

TUDOR Mural by Swiss Street Artist Rylsee

Cyril Vouilloz, known as Rylsee, may claim to be "too shy to rap" (that's his trademark tagline), but he fearlessly embraced a monumental project at the TUDOR Manufacture. A towering wall, stretching the full height of the facility, now hosts a mural meticulously crafted by Rylsee's own hands.

Yet, the journey commenced long before his brush met concrete. One could trace its origins back to Geneva, decades past, where Rylsee immersed himself in the underground skate culture. His subsequent move to Berlin propelled his creativity into the realm of street art. However, the genesis of the remarkable TUDOR mural was, like many endeavors, a blank canvas. It was upon this canvas that the true labor commenced. Rylsee sat down and contemplated all that defines TUDOR, delving deep into its essence.

He meticulously documented all his concepts and pondered their integration, ultimately devising a unified theme to adorn the expansive, multi-story wall.

For an in-depth look at the subsequent stages of this creative journey, delve into the exclusive mini-documentary below.

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