Why Metas Matters: Inside Master Chronometer Certification

Why Metas Matters: Inside Master Chronometer Certification

The Master Chronometer certification makes a big difference. This stimulating video explains how and why.

Why Metas Matters: Inside Master Chronometer Certification

Currently, two models enjoy the prestigious METAS Master Chronometer certification rigorously conducted by TUDOR at the Manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland: the new Black Bay unveiled at Watches & Wonders 2024 and the Black Bay Ceramic introduced in 2021. The aim is for all TUDOR timepieces to eventually achieve Master Chronometer certification. But what exactly does it entail to earn this esteemed certification?

To grasp the significance of the certification, one must comprehend the role of the Federal Institute of Metrology, commonly known as METAS. This government-backed entity is tasked with establishing and upholding national metrological standards. In their own words:

"The Federal Council expects METAS to furnish industry, administration, and the scientific community with a robust metrological infrastructure, along with the measurement principles and metrological services they require."

Watchmaking holds such profound cultural importance in Switzerland that it has been inscribed on UNESCO's List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, recognized as a "living tradition" in the country. Naturally, the Swiss government plays a significant role in the industry, extending to the certification process. While the METAS Master Chronometer Certification is conducted at the TUDOR Manufacture in Le Locle, an authorized representative from METAS oversees the process within the facility, conducting spot checks and inspections to ensure TUDOR maintains the exacting standards set by METAS.

The testing occurs on a dedicated floor within the TUDOR Manufacture, with robots assisting in the process to allow human workers to focus on tasks where their expertise adds the most value. Keep an eye out for a cameo from one of these robots in the video.

The Master Chronometer standards encompass specific criteria that must be met across five areas of compliance. Watch the video above to discover what these criteria are and witness how TUDOR certifies its watches!