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Laser Engraving

About Laser Engraving

IJL has expanded its engraving capability by investing in a state-of-the-art laser engraving machine. This machine is able to engrave almost any object - up to a certain size - and even has the ability to cut metals in to specified shapes.

Our 30W laser is able to mark almost all materials including gold, silver, steel,  platinum, brass, bronze, tungsten carbide, titanium, cobalt, leather, and wood. It also has the ability to cut into metals thereby not only marking the item, but actually carving letters into the object if desired.

Ring engraving is now made easier! We can engrave into all types of rings, even rings that are as slim as 2mm! We can also engrave on the outside of rings.

Area Limit

The surface of the laser engraving machine limits the engraving space to 100mm by 100mm. This is the largest we would be able to engrave. Please note that the machine can handle objects larger than this, however the images, or text, is limited to the above dimensions.

Why Laser Engraving?

There are many advantages to laser engraving over traditional engraving. Typically traditional engraving uses a diamond tip and basically scratches the text into whatever it is engraving. Whereas laser engraving, well, uses a high voltage laser beam and effectively burns the text (or image) into the item you are engraving.

Aside from the obvious fact that a laser can cut metal and a traditional machine can't, the laser engraver is much more user friendly, and much easier to engrave with. Font sizes down to 2pt are capable and as long as there is a clear path for the beam, you can engrave almost anywhere on an item. We could literally cut out a dog tag in steel and engrave an entire book of the Bible onto it.

Photos are also now engrave-able. If you want a picture of your cat or dog or loved one on an item, its as simple as uploading the photo into the software.

Corporate Orders & Logos

We do offer special quantity pricing for corporate orders. So if you have 100 pens and you need the clip engraved with your logo, we can do that! Contact us to learn more about bulk jobs.

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