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Watch Repair

Watch Repair

A watch can be a beautiful jewellery accessory to adorn a wrist. But fundamentally, it is a miniature piece of equipment, which needs proper care to perform efficiently.

Different types of timepieces are suitable for different uses. A karat gold and diamond dress watch for instance, can be scratched by simply wearing a gold bracelet next to it; while a sturdy steel sports model can often withstand rough work and leisure activities. Keeping all types in good cosmetic shape will help maintain warranty coverage. Manufacturers might refuse to do complimentary warranty repairs if a watch looks abused.

Learn how to reset the functions on a complicated timepiece, since even the most highly-trained technicians cannot be familiar with all brands. Also, be aware that "water resistant" does not mean a watch can be submerged in water.

The following tips will add to the lifespan of your timepiece:

  • A proper fit will prevent damage to links and avoid putting the crystal in vulnerable positions.
  • Waterproof watches should be rinsed in fresh water to remove salt, sand, chlorine, etc.
  • Mechanical watches should be wound off the wrist to prevent stress to the stem/crown.
  • Attend to dead batteries immediately to prevent leakage and corrosion.
  • Have adequate insurance; and keep photos, appraisal copies at home (as well as with the insurance company) with warranty papers and instruction booklets.
  • Home cleaning should be gentle - utilizing a soft brush/chamois and avoiding water near the mechanism.
  • A professional technician should regularly inspect your timepiece for gasket and battery changes when needed.

Estimates for repair are free of charge!

Servicing Your Rolex

Should you have any issues with your Rolex timepiece, whether purchased here or elsewhere, IJL as an Official Rolex Retailer will be happy to assist you. From sizing that can be done in-store at no charge to complete overhaul's IJL's expert team will take care of your timepiece throughout the entire servicing experience. You can read more about Rolex Servicing here.

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