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Independent Jewellers Ltd.Independent Jewellers Ltd.
Ice Crystal Gala 2016

Ice Crystal Gala 2016

At Independent Jewellers, we are privileged to be part of many great causes in Winnipeg.  To be in a position of making a significant donation to one of Winnipeg's premier fundraising nights is truly something to be proud of.  And we are proud of it.

The Ice Crystal Gala has raised over $1 million dollars in support of the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.  This night has really become one of my favourite nights as it is much different than many of the other charity events we attend - this particular event encourages entire families to attend.  So what you get is a huge ballroom with tons of children all dressed up running around.  This year's theme? Peter Pan!

The night is really incredible.  An army of volunteers put together all kinds of activities for the kids, there is a huge area dedicated to all the silent auction prizes, ranging from autographed Jets jersey's to the live auction where they auction off a $20,000 trip to Churchhill.  Winnipeg has always been known as being a generous city, but to witness that kind of generosity is really special.  The last part of the live auction finished with a call to help furnish 24 bedrooms with equipment for ear, nose, and throat doctors, as well as bedding and chairs for the patients and their families.  The cost to furnish each bedroom is $2000.  They started the donation request at $6000 (3 rooms) and a number of hands went up.  Then $4000, and still more hands.  Then $2000, $1000, all the way to $100 donation requests.  I don't know how many hands went up, but I am certain they raised well over $50,000 in a span of about 10 minutes.

The food at the RBC Convention Centre is extremely well done.  At this event, there is something like 140 tables and for dinner, they cook a massive turkey for each table.  I don't even know where to find a turkey as big as the one they make, and of course you get all the goodies like mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry, stuffing, etc.  So what happens to all the food? A table of 8 people certainly cannot finish a turkey as big as a small human being.  Well they actually donate all the leftover food to Siloam Mission!  Truly remarkable.

Our prize? Well we gave away a stunning 3 diamond ring from Forevermark, set in 18K white gold.  The winner was quite pleased, as I am sure his wife will be when she gets it this Christmas!

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