The IJL Difference

Our Rolex Showroom

A visit to our Rolex showroom offers professional expertise in an elegant setting that promotes a sense of harmony, discretion, and intimacy with the brand, which has been setting standards in watchmaking for more than a century. Every element of the interior design of our Rolex space features the elegant Rolex aesthetic and radiates the values of the Rolex crown. Excellence, precision and attention to detail emanate from the careful calibration of colours and patterns in the fittings and furnishings.

Official Rolex Retailer

As an Official Rolex retailer, we are proud to present the Rolex collection in a space that enhances your experience. Our custom Rolex showroom provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you are welcome to explore the Rolex collection.

Large Selection

We carry a wide selection of Rolex watches in our store at all times. Although availability may vary from time to time, our expert staff will be pleased to guide you through our current inventory and ensure you find the perfect watch for your needs.


Our custom Rolex table and chairs is a great place to relax and consider which Rolex timepiece will suit your needs. Enjoy a beverage of your choice and learn more about the Rolex brand in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


Our expert staff complete extensive Rolex training in order to guide you through the Rolex collection and answer any questions you may have. We invite you to visit us and enjoy a personalized experience in the Rolex space.


With decades of experience through our longstanding relationship with Rolex, we have gained knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else. With our vast knowledge of the Rolex brand, we are confident that we will be able to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding your perfect Rolex timepiece.

Visit our Rolex showroom at 493 Notre Dame Ave.

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