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Carlex G4 Wedding Band 6.5mm

Carlex G4 Wedding Band 6.5mm


Immerse yourself in contemporary luxury with Carlex's G4 collection 6.5mm wedding band. Meticulously crafted from 14K white gold, this ring seamlessly marries essential, classic style with state-of-the-art design technologies. Elevate your commitment by customizing the ring with hand-painted enamel, showcasing your personalized message or wedding date. The 6.5mm width strikes a perfect balance, symbolizing enduring love with a unique blend of innovation and timeless sophistication.

Free Sports Band with Purchase

Purchase any CrownRing, Carlex, or Noam Carver wedding band 14K+ and receive a free sports band with your purchase. See store for details.

Carlex G4 Wedding Band 6.5mm
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Carlex rings offer a range of options, including 14K, 18K, and platinum, with choices of white, rose, yellow gold, or a mix of these hues. Some bands even feature diamonds. Since finger sizes vary, each ring is tailored to fit perfectly. It's important to note that gold and platinum prices fluctuate daily.

For personalized pricing, we invite you to reach out via email (click the inquiry button above) or come to our store. We're committed to providing a customized quote within 1 business day, valid for 3 days from the time it is sent. Your dream ring awaits!

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Carlex G4 Wedding Band 6.5mm

Free Sports Band

Enjoy a free sports band with the purchase of any CrownRing, Carlex, or Noam Carver wedding band. See in store for details. Some exceptions apply.

Purchased ring must be 14K, 18K, or Platinum to be eligible.

IJL x Carlex

Embark on a journey of refined luxury with The Carlex Collection at IJL (Independent Jewellers), where high-end watch inspiration transforms into uniquely stunning pieces. We're thrilled to announce our upcoming investment in this exceptional brand, with Carlex rings gracing our store starting in 2024. Meticulously designed for innovation and attention to detail, these rings represent the pinnacle of luxury. Our commitment to bringing you the finest extends to this integration of technology and art, making CARLEX a focal point in our curated collection from 2024 onward.

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Why Wedding Bands

The tradition of exchanging wedding bands dates back to ancient Egypt, where rings symbolized eternal love due to their circular shape. Over time, this practice spread through various cultures. In ancient Rome, rings signified a public commitment to marriage. The Christian church later incorporated it into ceremonies as a symbol of a blessed union.

Today, the exchange of wedding bands is a widespread custom, representing an enduring bond. Rings are typically worn on the left ring finger, as ancient belief held it connected directly to the heart, symbolizing the connection of love to the heart.

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The Carlex Story

Experience luxury redefined with The Carlex Collection, where inspiration from high-end watches transforms into stunningly unique pieces. Meticulously designed, Carlex rings embody innovation and unparalleled attention to detail, resulting in perfect edges and a revolutionary comfort fit. The Carlex design team, inspired by intricate qualities of high-end watches, crafted a brand framework based on luxury principles. Years of dedication culminated in CARLEX becoming North America's finest luxury wedding band—an integration of technology and art, fulfilling the dream of the ideal luxury ring.

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Carlex Warranty

Carlex guarentee's the quality of each and every ring. This warranty is against any imperfections in design, materials, or workmanship. If at any time diamonds are lost or chipped, they will be replaced at no charge. Your unique serial number has been engraved inside your Carlex ring and certifies this lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover normal wear or damage caused to the ring. If the ring has been altered or abused in any way, the warranty will be void.

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