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Noam Carver Wedding Band 7.0mm

Noam Carver Wedding Band 7.0mm


Embrace bold style with the Noam Carver 14K Yellow Gold Heavy Nugget Style Ring. This 7.0mm-wide ring exudes a robust and distinctive charm, crafted in radiant 14K yellow gold. The heavy nugget style adds texture and character to the piece, making it a statement of individuality and enduring taste. Whether worn as a wedding band or a fashion statement, this Noam Carver creation seamlessly blends the richness of yellow gold with a substantial and unique design, symbolizing strength and timeless appeal. Celebrate your unique style and commitment with a ring that stands out, reflecting the depth of your connection and the individuality of your love.

Free Sports Band with Purchase

Purchase any CrownRing, Carlex, or Noam Carver wedding band 14K+ and receive a free sports band with your purchase. See store for details.

Noam Carver Wedding Band 7.0mm
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Due to daily material cost fluctuations of gold and platinum, and the customized nature of Noam Carver wedding bands, we don't provide live pricing. For a personalized quote based on your preferences and budget, please contact us directly. Your unique and affordable Noam Carver piece awaits.

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Noam Carver Wedding Band 7.0mm

Free Sports Band

Enjoy a free sports band with the purchase of any CrownRing, Carlex, or Noam Carver wedding band. See in store for details. Some exceptions apply.

Purchased ring must be 14K, 18K, or Platinum to be eligible.

IJL x Noam Carver

IJL (Independent Jewellers) has recently partnered with the renowned Canadian jewellery designer Noam Carver. This collaboration brings the exceptional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance of Noam Carver's designs to our collection. Now, our clients can enjoy unique and finely crafted engagement and wedding rings that perfectly blend classic and modern styles, further enhancing our commitment to providing exceptional and individualized jewellery that celebrates love and special moments.

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Who is Noam Carver?

Noam Carver is a Canadian jewellery designer known for crafting elegant and contemporary engagement and wedding rings. His work emphasizes precision, quality, and a commitment to unique, personalized pieces. Carver's designs reflect a perfect blend of artistry and craftsmanship, making his brand synonymous with timeless beauty and enduring love in the world of fine jewellery.

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